Convenient charging on the go.

Power Wallet is the first wallet of its kind that allows you to charge your iPhone or Android phone while conveniently storing your phone in your wallet.

Your phone plugs right into the charger built right into the Power Wallet, making sure you your phone never loses a charge while you are out and about ever again.


How to use Power Wallet

Dead Battery?

Never welcomed, always inconvenient; your phone can die at the most inopportune times, especially while traveling and getting the things you need to get done on the go.

Plug-in to Power Wallet

Power Wallet has a built-in cable that you simply plug into your phone to recharge your smartphone's battery with Power Wallet's on-board 3000mah battery.

Store it and go

Convenient charge pocket inside Power Wallet allows you to safely keep your phone in your Power Wallet while it charges.

Includes everything you need to charge any phone.

Power Wallet and Detachable Wristlet
USB Charging Cable

Used to connect your Power Wallet to any USB port to charge the built-in battery.

USB Adapter

Power Wallet can be used with the USB charging cable included with your phone and the Universal USB adapter.

Side Port Adapter
30-pin Adapter

Technical Specs

Cell Type Lithium Ion
Battery Capacity 3000mAh
Input 3.7V/560mA
Output 3.7V/560mA
Number of Charges (per fully charged Power Wallet) 2
NET Weight 396g

Available in these stylish colors


Plenty of storage and easy to use features.